As mayor, Greg Hodge will listen deeply to the concerns and aspirations of the people of Oakland. His bold and ambitious policy agenda is built upon the ideas and needs of Oakland’s residents and the communities he loves. He will bring his more than four decades of experience in Oakland to put in place policies and programs that work for Oakland. He will use his experience building consensus across lines of differences to help all neighborhoods in the city heal, grow and thrive.


As a long time resident, Greg recognizes that Oakland’s time to manifest its full, unrealized promise is now. He understands that now is not the time for the “same old, same old” and that the city cannot afford to be held back by fear, hesitation, and a lack of leadership. He understands that we need to have a different kind of leadership—one that doesn’t try to pass the buck and leave challenging solutions to the next electeds—a different leadership that listens in order to heal, has visionary policies in order to enhance Oakland’s health, and bold leadership that isn’t trying to postpone difficult decisions or blame someone else.


As a bold and risk-taking leader, Greg will work with the city’s different communities to heal, strengthen the city’s health, and lead the city to claim Oakland’s rightful place as one of the state’s—and the nation’s—leading cities.

Greg’s top priorities will be:

Reimagining Equitable Economic Opportunity

  • Improving access to capital with innovative approaches including the establishment of a public bank, a local crypto currency, and creating an Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (EIFD) within the city. An EIFD is a tool to fund economic development projects within a geographic boundary using tax increment financing.


  • Creating municipal incentives for a BIPOC tech and green tech hub in Oakland to attract venture capital and technology sector investment in the local economy.


  • Leverage federal and state funding for equity-enhancing initiatives to attract underrepresented business enterprises to invest in Oakland’s post-pandemic revitalization.


  • Helping interested residents develop an array of work skills so they can thrive and help boost the local economy. Bolstering the city’s community-based jobs training and increasing entrepreneurship opportunities.


  • Investing in and growing the city’s arts and culture economy to its fullest potential. Increasing financial and community support for Oakland’s emerging arts districts.


  • Ensuring equitable participation of women and minority-owned businesses in the city’s procurements and development agreements.

Reimagining Thriving Neighborhood Schools

  • Boldly advocating for the necessary resources from state, federal, and philanthropic sources to fully finance our community schools.


  • Leading a meaningful equity assessment of how our schools are serving our most vulnerable students and families.


  • Connecting county and city resources to improve the conditions of neighborhoods surrounding our city’s schools.


  • Providing parents and students with ample opportunities to voice their ideas to find sustainable solutions to the challenges of creating culturally competent, safe and enriched learning environments at every neighborhood school.

Reimagining Safety

  • Crafting a compassion-led, comprehensive approach to community safety that includes shoring up the mental health, social, and economic safety net in partnership with county government to keep our neighborhoods safe and healthy.


  • Fully implementing the Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland MACRO program. MACRO is a community response program for non-violent, non-emergency 911 calls. It aims to meet the needs of the community with a compassionate care first response model grounded in empathy, service, and community.


  • Ensuring full funding for the city’s Department of Violence Prevention. Prioritizing combating domestic violence, street outreach, and other proven violence prevention strategies.


  • Prioritizing how law enforcement resources are deployed to ensure focus on serious crimes, improving response times, and coordinating with other community-driven crime reduction efforts.


  • Establishing a city-wide beautification effort that engages neighborhood clean-up crews, public art installations, neighborhood-based arts festivals, and small business facade improvements.

Reimagining How We Shelter

  • Crafting a comprehensive policy for providing our unhoused fellow neighbors in Oakland — our city’s most vulnerable residents — with decent housing fit for the shelter of human beings.


  • Working in collaboration with business and community partners to:
    – Produce more affordable homes.
    – Preserve existing housing that’s affordable.
    – Protect people from unaffordable rent increases and unfair evictions.


  • Improve and implement the City of Oakland’s Encampment Management Policy.