Our communities proudly endorse Greg Hodge for Mayor of Oakland!

Oakland Rising Action Progressive community-led organization focused on working-class, immigrant and communities of color living in the flatlands of Oakland

California Working Families Party Grassroots Party for the multiracial working class

East Bay Action Economic, racial and social justice non-profit

John George Democratic Club Progressive club created in memory of Alameda County’s first Black Supervisor, who continue fighting for Black and working class Oaklanders every day

Angela Blackwell Public Policy Advocate 
Arnold Perkins Philanthropist, Brotherhood of Elders Network
Bernida Reagan Public Policy Advocate
Dr. Fred Blackwell Orthopedic Surgeon
George Galvis Social Justice Activist
Hector Sanchez-Flores Non-Profit Executive
James Head Non-Profit Executive

Joe Brooks Board member – Brotherhood of Elders Network
Keba Konte Founder of Red Bay Coffee

Rev. Liza Rankow Social Justice Activist
Margaret Gordon Environmental Justice Activist; Neighborhood Leader
Morgan Simon Impact Investor
Paul Cobb Community Newspaper Publisher
Robert Phillips Philanthropist, Non-profit Executive, Brotherhood of Elders Network
Dr. Robert Ross Philanthropic Leader
Sean Tanner Community Organizer, Organizational Development Consultant
Susan Lubeck Community Organizer, Organizational Development Consultant
Walter Riley Civil Rights Lawyer

Deen Hassan Social Justice Activist 
Jane Lee Organizational Consultant
Kevin Butler Social Media Consultant
Kisha Grove Human Resources Professional
Kweli Titashinda Chiropractor, Author, Brotherhood of Elders Network
Lauren Grau Marketing Professional
Mamie Chow Licensed Acupuncturist
Nedra Ginwright Chief Flourish Officer, Flourish Agenda
Rodney Brooks Civil Servant
Dr. Shawn Ginwright Professor, San Francisco State University

Courtney Jones East Oakland resident, Emerge Alumni
Gay Plair Cobb Former Alameda County Board of Education Member
Senator Josh Becker Senate, District 13, California Senate
Patricia Wells Affordable Housing Advocate
Surlene Grant Former City Council Member, San Leandro
Tony Thurmond California Superintendent of Public Instruction

Carrie Mae Weems Image Maker
Chukwudi Hodge Professional Musician
Daveed Diggs Award Winning Actor, Rapper, Activist
Jenn Johns Artist
Mosheh Milon Cultural Artist
Mush Lee Youth Development and Arts Leader
Ryan Nicole Actor, Writer, Emcee
Alice Walker Novelist, Poet, Activist

All titles are for identification purposes only